University of Illinois System


Application Support & Password Resets

For additional help with Capital applications, please contact the AITS Service Desk using the options below with any questions.

Support Request Form

– Submit a Support Request.

Password Resets and After Hours Support

– UIC: (312) 996-4806
– UIS and UIUC: (217) 333-3102


Submit your request to UCRO at for the following:

  • Add Supporting Documents or Attachments
  • Adjust the Start Date
  • Adjust the End Date
  • Update Contract Value
  • Update Amount
  • Correct Parent/Child Link on contracts created in C+.
    • *AITS will assist contract offices when this request is for iCS migrated contracts due to the required fields not populated.
  • Correct the Second Party
    • UCRO will add a note to the “Summary / Description of Goods / Services” field in red identifying the appropriate Second Party.

Submit your request to AITS iBuy Production Support at for the following:

  • Correct the Work Group
  • Correct Parent/Child Link on iCS migrated contracts.
  • Other Corrections and Updates for iCS migrated contracts due to the required fields not populated.

If the contract is Executed: Future or Pending Approval statuses, the Contract Administrator is to return the contract to draft, make the corrections and resubmit into workflow.

For all contracts except assigned subcontractor agreements, only one signature field needs to be set up for the Comptroller.

For assigned subcontractor agreements, there needs to be three signature fields for the Comptroller (Contract, Performance Bond, and Payment Bond).

For all contracts except Contractor with Assigned Subcontractor(s) (CWA) contracts, please include the sum of the base bid and all accepted alternate bids for that PCA/Division of Work (DOW) in the Header Value field.

For Contractor with Assigned Subcontractor(s) contracts, the contract value should be the sum of the CWA (base bid and the accepted alternate bids) and all Assigned Subcontractor(s) (base bid and the accepted alternate bids).

  1. Navigate to Contracts > Contracts > Search Contracts.
  2. Open the contract you want to modify. It must be in Out for Signature status.
  3. Click the Contract Actions dropdown and select Reset Signature Process. The contract status changes to Pending Approval and signature tracking is reset.
  4. Click Contract Actions and select Check out for eSignature Changes.
  5. A pop up opens to confirm you want to check out the contract for eSignature changes. Click Yes. The eSignature page becomes editable.
  6. Make the required changes to signers on the eSignature page.
  7. Click Contract Actions and select Re-Start eSignature Process. The eSignature process is restarted, with the signer changes in effect.

  1. Go to the approval workflow.
  2. In Contract Actions, select the option to Return to Draft.
  3. Make changes to the contract document as needed.
    • NOTE: If there are custom fields that need to be changed, go to the contract Header to make the changes so that they can be applied to all subsequent contract drafts.
  4. Re-submit the contract back into the approval workflow.