University of Illinois System

Information Required for Capital-Related Items for the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

Project Approval

  • Project Description, including square footage
  • Reason for Project
  • Project Budget, including fund source(s)

Project Budget Increases

  • Project Description, including square footage
  • Original Approved Budget Amount
  • Any Subsequent Budget Increases (amount/dates)
  • Amount of Current Increase in Budget
  • Reason for Increase
  • Fund Source(s) for Additional Costs

Professional Services Agreements

  • Project Description, including Approved Budget Amount
  • Selection Committee Members, including Name and Department
  • Firms Interviewed/Considered, including Name and City
  • MAFBE Information of Firms and Consultants
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Rankings of Firms Interviewed/Considered
  • Fee Information, including Hourly Rate Schedule (if applicable)
  • Work Phases Involved (Program, Design, etc.)
  • Type of Consultants and Percentage of Project Work
  • Fund Source(s)

Construction Contracts

  • Project Description
  • Divisions of Work or Bid Packages
  • Successful Contractor (Company and City) for each Division of Work
  • Amount of Each Bid plus Accepted Alternates
  • Description of Accepted Alternates
  • Fund Source(s)
  • Bid Tabulation (all Bids received for each Division of Work)
  • Construction Schedule (Start and End Dates)

Change Orders or Amendments

  • Project/Work Description
  • Name of Contractor or A/E
  • Original Contract Amount and Date, including BOT Approvals
  • Any subsequent Change Orders / Amendments (Amounts/Dates)
  • Amount of current Change Order / Amendment
  • Fund Source(s)