The University Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services (UOCP&RES), in collaboration with the three universities and other System colleagues, supports the University of Illinois' mission by facilitating and overseeing the development of and adherence to policies, procedures, and systems pertaining to the built environment of the University. UOCP&RES is responsible for all University of Illinois master planning and acquiring property to meet the needs of the master plans. Real Estate Services also assists University departments in obtaining leased space off-campus. To learn more about recent happenings in Capital Programs, see our Annual Report.

Capital Programs


  • Capital Agenda Items for the Board of Trustees.
  • Master Planning and Guidelines.
  • Professional Services Consultant Selection.
  • Capital Performance Reporting.
  • Procurement and Contracting Requirements.
  • Liaison to the Illinois Capital Development Board.
  • Capital Oversight of Auxiliary Services.
  • Capital Management Applications and Systems.
  • Capital Policies and Processes.

Real Estate Services


  • Property Acquisition and Trades.
  • Property Leasing with Third Parties for Off-Campus Property.
  • Easements and Licenses.
  • University Real Estate Needs and Development Planning.
  • Oversight of Research Park.
  • Land Leases.
  • P-3 Project Delivery.
  • Revenue Leases & Licenses of University Property.