University of Illinois System

Board of Trustees


The University Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services (UOCP&RES) acts as liaison between the Campus Construction Units and the Board of Trustees (BOT) with regards to Capital project. Capital projects, selection of Professional Services Consultants (PSC) and construction contracts that require BOT approval are submitted to UOCP&RES to be included in the meeting agenda. The materials are reviewed and prepared for presentation.

Guidelines for Campus Construction Units (CCU) Preparing Capital BOT Items

A schedule of dates and deadlines for facilities-related BOT items is published on an annual basis. Each of the headings below match the headings on the Schedule for Facilities-Related Board of Trustees Items. Details are provided in order to clarify what is needed for each of the dates on the schedule.

Board of Trustees Information due to UOCP&RES

This is the deadline for BOT information to be provided to the University Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services (UOCP&RES). Visit the Board of Trustees Information page to view the required information for facilities-related Board of Trustees items.

Board of Trustees Items Checklist.

Tentative Agenda due to President

A tentative list of capital-related BOT items is forwarded to the President by UOCP&RES. The actual items are not forwarded at this time.

All Blanks Filled In

Any missing information about each item (contract amounts, consultants’ fees, etc.) needs to be provided by this date.

Final Items Due to President

All items which have completed the previous steps successfully will be forwarded to the President and other University officers.

Agenda Review

All items are reviewed by the Secretary of the Board and other University officers at the agenda review conference.

Brochures/B&G due to BOT

Any project which needs design approval (both preliminary and final) requires 86 copies of the design brochure for mailing to the Trustees. All brochures should be sent to UOCP&RES for forwarding to the Board office.

Meeting Date and Location

If each of the previous steps have been successfully completed, the BOT item will be presented for approval at the appropriate meeting(s) of the Trustees. Copies of the items which have been approved are available within two to three days after the meeting.

BOT Capital Items Information