University of Illinois System

Policies and Laws for Contractors

University Policies

  1. Brand Name Policy: This policy applies to the specifying and/or purchase of specific brand name products for use in capital projects.
  2. Business and Financial Policies and Procedures: The Office of Business and Financial Services manual that contains policies that apply the University and its campuses. General information for any consultants, contractors or vendors that plan to or currently do business with the University.
  3. Capital Projects Furniture Purchase Process: This capital furniture purchase guidance document summarizes steps to be taken for purchase of office and classroom furniture, as well as balance of furniture.
  4. Change Order & Amendment Policy: This policy governs expenditures in excess of a capital contract's original price.
  5. Diversity Policy on Business Enterprise Program (BEP) Goals in Capital Construction Procurement: The procedures and guidelines established by the University to implement the goals established by the Board of Trustees for the utilization of BEP construction vendors.
  6. Energy Performance Contracting Policy: This policy applies to the process of competitive prequalification and selection of Energy Service Companies (ESCO's) for the procurement and implementation of energy performance contracting services.
  7. One Bid Procedure: This procedure governs capital bidding when only one bid for a division of work has been received.
  8. RFP Consultant Selection Policy: This policy applies to the utilization of professional and artistic services not listed in the Qualifications Based Selection Act (architects, engineers & land surveyors) and includes but not limited to construction management services and landscape architecture services.

State and Federal Laws – Partial Listing

  1. Elevator Safety and Regulation Act: The statute that governs elevator safety requirements.
  2. Federal Executive Order 11246 – Contractor Requirements: Department of Labor regulations pertaining to Equal Employment Opportunity specific to Contractors and Subcontractors.
  3. Fire Sprinkler Contractor Licensing Act: The statute that governs the minimum standards for fire sprinkler contractor licensure.
  4. Illinois Higher Board of Education and Procurement Code: The guidelines and procurement rules that the University operates under with regards to contracting for the design and construction of facilities.
    1. Public Act 096-795, effective for all solicitations on or after July 1, 2010, makes significant revisions to the Procurement Code.
    2. Public Act 096-920 amends and clarifies the original Act.
  5. Illinois Human Rights Act: This statute must be adhered to by the University and the vendors that the University hires to perform work.
  6. Illinois Plumbing License Law: The statute that governs the minimum standards for plumbing contractor licensure.
  7. Illinois Professional Land Surveyor Act of 1989: The statute that governs the profession of Land Surveying in Illinois.
  8. Illinois Roofing Industry Licensing Act: The statute that governs the minimum standards for roofing contractor licensure.