University of Illinois System

U of I System Capital Updates - January 2024

Posted on 01/26/2024

Changes to Documents, Systems, and Policies

The following changes have been made as a result of University of Illinois System initiatives:

CONTRACTS + Document Changes

  1. Updated multiple contract documents to replace “PRZM” language to “Project Management System”.
  2. Increased the maximum number of Unit Prices able to be included in Front Ends from five to ten.
  3. Updated Invitation for Construction Bid Prequalification language to include “A bidder that has prior experience with the University of Illinois must achieve a minimum average score of 3 on their performance evaluations over the last three years unless otherwise authorized by the Owner.” Also added “unless otherwise authorized by the Owner” to similar existing Minimum Qualifications statements in QBS and RFP Professional Services Advertisements.
  4. Updated Single Prime Front End Document 00 40 00, Attachment B, Alternate Bid document, footnote 2 to read “Note 2: Division of Work that BEP/VBP vendor will perform Work”.
  5. Updated Professional Services Consultant Retainer Agreement, Construction Documents Phase, item A., 3.,d.,1.,b. by replacing outdated link for the current small purchase limits for procurements under the authority of the CPO for Higher Education. And a link to the University’s process for combining Divisions of Work has been added to item A., 3.,d.,1.,c.
  6. Updated Professional Services Consultant Retainer Agreement, third WHEREAS clause from “…$5,000,000 or up to $750,000…” to “…$5,000,000 and up to $750,000…” to comply with the Professional Services Retainer Agreement Policy.
  7. Updated all Front End Documents 00 10 00 Annual Prequalification paragraph to include “For reference, a current Approved Prequalification Listing Report, including prequalified vendor information per Division and prequalification expiration date, can be found at: Added same statement to all Invitation for Construction Bid documents’ Prequalification paragraphs.
  8. Added footer information and date on each first page of all Contracts + templates.
  9. Updated text throughout the Energy Audit Agreement document and Energy Services Agreement document to identify “calendar” days for requirements.
  10. Updated Contracts + Header input field for Energy Audit Agreement document to capture Vendor’s Address, which will now populate the first column of the chart included within item 5.4.1 Subconsultant Disclosure.
  11. Updated Energy Audit Agreement document to include “(attached applicable Schedule A Scope of Work and Schedule B Project Implementation Schedule incorporated herein)” after Article 1: Scope of Energy Audit title. Also added help text withing Contracts + to remind CCUs “ If applicable attach “Schedule A Scope of Work” and “Schedule B Project Implementation Schedule” to Agreement.”.
  12. Updated Professional Services Consultant Agreement, Construction Documents Phase, A., 3.,d., 3., e., 3., f., and 3., h., Professional Services Consultant Retainer Agreement, Construction Documents Phase, item, A., 3.,d., 3., e., and 3., f., and Construction Manager Professional Services Agreement, Construction Documents Phase, items, A., 4., a. and Attachment E, A., 4., a. , by changing the 95% stage of completion to 100% stage of completion.
  13. The Supplemental University of Illinois Certifications identified in the Statutory Certifications section language was inserted into the front-end documents and each construction contract.
  14. Added the definition of Illinois Business, updated the weblink and language in accordance with 30 ILCS 500/45-105 section (e) related to bid preference. Non-Illinois Businesses will be assessed an increase of 4% to their base bids and alternates. Added a checkbox to be marked if the business is or is not a headquartered in Illinois.
  15. Updated the Front-End Documents, Pre-bid meeting and Diversity Policy to incorporate language to meet requirements of HB4285 / Public Act 102-1119 as specified below:
    1. Except as permitted under this Act or as otherwise mandated by federal regulation, a bidder or offeror whose bid or offer is accepted and who included in that bid a completed utilization plan but who fails to meet the goals set forth in the plan shall be notified of the deficiency by the contracting agency or public institution of higher education and shall be given a period of 10 calendar days to cure the deficiency by contracting with additional subcontractors who are certified by the Business Enterprise Program or by increasing the work to be performed by previously identified vendors certified by the Business Enterprise Program.
    2. If requesting a waiver, return Attachment B, which includes the Good Faith Effort Transparency Report and all documentation of Good Faith Efforts. Utilization plans are due at the time of bid submission. Failure to complete and include a utilization plan shall render the bid non-responsive. Documentation demonstrating good faith efforts shall be finalized within the 10-day cure period.
    3. Vendors certified with the Business Enterprise Program at the time and date submittals are due and who do not submit a utilization plan or have utilization plan deficiencies shall have 10 business days to submit a utilization plan or to correct the utilization plan deficiencies.
  16. Updated Attachment B, Attachment C, and Attachment D with footnote reference marks, footnotes and instruction clarifications for the use of the Input Worksheet. These updates apply to the following design contracts; Professional Services Consultant Agreement, Professional Services Small Project Agreement, Professional Services Consultant Agreement Amendment, Professional Services Consultant Retainer Agreement, Construction Manager Professional Services Agreement, and the Construction Manager Professional Services Agreement Amendment.

PRZM Changes

  1. None.

FCPWeb Changes

  1. Added an Owners Cost Budget Code for JOC Fee.

VSA-CAPS Changes

  1. None.

PSP Changes

  1. Made PRZM PSC submittal information for their identified subcontractors available in a drop-down list in PSP for easier incorporation into the submittal information area of PSP.
  2. Added ability for committee chair to revise information submitted by firms in the Initial Evaluations – Minimum Qualifications form within PSP.

Policies, Website, and other Changes

  1. Updated Input Worksheet (Contracts+) to include a dropdown selection for identifying Capital Project Delivery Method.
  2. Updated AFS R&R General Provisions and Operating Procedures document, Attachment A, regarding Pool Requirements and Movable Equipment R&R Reserve (Dept Funds) requirements.
  3. Updated Errors & Omissions Policy with multiple text and title updates.
  4. Updated the Retainer Agreement Policy (end of November 2023) to incorporate policy changes as well as documented process for executing original Retainer Agreements and executing Retainer Renewals.
  5. Update the Bid Tabs material Deficiencies Summary worksheet to remove GFE needed at the time of bid and added Note 7 identifying that if the bidder is BEP certified, Attachment B is not required at the time of bid.
  6. Diversity Policy was updated as shown in item #15 of the C+ changes.


If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rogan.