University of Illinois System

Faculty & Staff

University of Illinois construction projects typically begin with an expressed need or desire from a campus unit or department, or occasionally from a donor. The Campus Construction Unit on your campus (UIUC: Facilities & Services, UIC: Capital Programs and UIS: Facilities & Services) will help define the project, determine costs and schedule and hire the professionals needed for design and construction. Building a new facility or remodeling an existing, regardless of size, requires collaboration for a successful result.

Processes, Policies, and Tools

  • UI Delivery Process: High level overview of the standard project delivery process.
  • Approvals: Based on the anticipated cost of the project, several levels of approval may be needed. The approval process time needs to be factored into the project schedule and can have significant impact.
  • Contracts and Forms: The University has standard forms, contracts and agreements for use in completing the documentation necessary for Capital Projects.
  • Design and Facilities Standards: Each campus has developed standards for design and facilities that must be adhered to during design and construction. UIUC UIC UIS
  • Policies and Laws: As a state university, the University of Illinois must follow the policies and laws of Illinois with regards to construction projects and contracting Design Professionals.