University of Illinois System

Capital Updates - July 2015

Posted on 07/22/2015



Contract Documents

  1. ALL sub-tier Subcontractors, Vendors, and Suppliers that have a contract value of above $50K must include their certification forms, financial forms, and subcontracts.
  2. ACH payments now reflect net 20 days in the Notice of Intent to Award and Notice to Award
  3. Language has been rearranged and edited in advertisements for PSC QBS and P&A solicitations.
  4. Energy Performance Contracting Request for Proposal (RFP) and Energy Audit Agreement boilerplate documents have been added in Upside.
  5. Various URLs have been corrected, due to URL changes.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rogan.


Upside Project Form

  1. CM Amendment information (e.g., Summary of Contractual Services) and the calculated values have been added to the CM tab on the Project Form.
  2. Information from Attachments B, C, D and amendment summary will be retained within the PSC/CM tabs of the Upside Project Form (under PSC/CM Contract Type drop-down).
    - These attachments will be automatically populated in the contract.
    - If these attachments are identified to be included with the amendment(s) during the contract request process, they will be automatically populated.
    - The attachments will be edited from the Project Form, not the contract or amendment document.
  3. An Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Energy Audit Agreement (EAA) option has been added to the PSC Tab (under the Contract Type drop-down). This includes entities for Energy Services Company (ESCO) selection, user input for compensation, and Subconsultant/Subcontractor identification.
  4. Bid delivery verbiage for Rockford or Peoria project location has been added to the front end document and construction advertisement.

Upside Contract Request

  1. The Attachments B, C, and D may be added to the PSA Amendment and the CM Amendment when selected during the contract request process.
  2. CM letter, EPC RFP and EAA documents have been added as templates for selection.

Upside Input Worksheet

  1. Amendment information (e.g., Summary of Contractual Services) and the calculated values have been added to the PSC tabs on the Input Worksheet and Project Form.
  2. CO. has been added to Attachment B (after Position Title/Function) so the listed individual’s company can be included.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rogan.


PSC Selections (QBS)

All PSC Advertisements published on the IPHEC Bulletin Board on or after July 22, 2015 must utilize the PSC Selections process within PRZM.

Modifications in the AE Administration Phase have been made to enhance the functionality and user experience of the PSC Selections process.

  • The following have been eliminated:
    1. AE Long List Evaluation Criteria.
    2. AE Long List Evaluations.
    3. AE Short List Evaluation Criteria.
    4. AE Short List Evaluations.
    5. AE Reference Calls.
    6. AE Deliverable Checklists.
  • The following have been added:
    1. AE Committee Information.
    2. PSC Selection link.

The Workflow Diagram and Job Aid for the PSC Selections process have been provided to the Campus Representatives. Please contact Greg Quinn, Latonya Webb, or Chuck Coderko for additional information.

Rejected RFP Information

If a Request for Proposal (RFP) is rejected by the Architect or Construction Manager, the system will retain the rejected RFP information. To access the rejected RFP information, click the RFP Rejection Summary Link in Document History.

If you have any questions, please contact Qu Kim.


The Qualifications Based Selection and the Artistic and Professional Services Selection processes have been evaluated and streamlined to reduce implementation time, improve process tracking, and efficiently document the process.

  • Past performance evaluations will be checked on all prime consultants at the time of submittals rather than when firms are invited to a discussion meeting.
  • Request for Professional Services Consultant Qualifications (advertisement) has been revised by rearranging information and removing redundant minimum qualifications.
  • MAFBE/VOSB participation tables have been revised to eliminate the advantage to use only VOSB.
  • QBS forms have been reformatted to an electronic format for efficient e-signature and document storage.
  • The Committee Chair’s checklist has been updated to reflect the changes above.

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Duff.