University of Illinois System

UI Capital Updates - August 2020

Posted on 08/28/2020

Changes to Documents, Systems, and Policies

The following changes have been made as a result of University of Illinois System initiatives: 

Upside Document Changes

  1. Included additional language in the 00 20 00 document to help identify what work performed by diverse vendors is being considered to be a commercially useful function.  This is also included in the Diversity Policy.
  2. Added language to 00 20 00 to identify that Contract Awardees are now required to login and resolve discrepancies regarding payments to its subcontractors as they arise via The University of Illinois Diversity Management System at Subcontractors are required to login and confirm payments from prime contractors as well as resolve discrepancies as they arise via The University of Illinois Diversity Management System.
  3. Added additional language within CM Contracts to require the CM to review field directive and change order estimates, assist in negotiating Contractor’s proposals, ensure that the cost is fair and justifiable and make recommendations to the Owner and PSC. And if changes are accepted, CM will prepare and process change orders for execution by Contractor, PSC and Owner. 
  4. Added additional language within PSC Contracts to require PSC to review the Contractor change order proposals and ensure the cost is fair and justifiable and make recommendations to the Owner.
  5. Added language added to Construction contract stating “All field directive and RFP (change order) contractor pricing responses are due within 14 calendar days from the time pricing is requested, unless stipulated otherwise. Also added language to include response times for U of I review of shop drawings being within 14 calendar days.  Also added language within PSC and CM contracts to require meeting minutes identify who is behind schedule and actions needed to get back on schedule.

PRZM Changes

  1. Added the ability to include attachments within the SVS approval process for Contractors.
  2. Included the Field Directive number in the RFP Response screen if a Field Directive is assigned.

Policies,  Website and other Changes 

  1. Language has been updated for GFE, PBE, BEP certified vendors and other related OPD changes within the Diversity Policy, all contracts, RFP and EPC Selection Policy, Bid Alternate Policy, Construction Bid Checklist and other related UOCP website locations and training material.
  2. Revised the Bid Tab Worksheet xls documents to include the PBE acronym on diversity drop down selections and added a new section with associated label on the AWARD SUMMARY Worksheet called Non-Responsive (Bidder).

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rogan.