University of Illinois System

UI Capital Updates - July 2018

Posted on 07/30/2018

Changes To Upside Contract Documents and Policies

The following changes have been incorporated into the University of Illinois System documents as a result of policy and other system initiatives: 

Upside Document Changes

  1. A template for the contractor GFE letter is available in Upside.
  2. The project address has been added to the PSC and RFP advertisements. To populate within the advertisement, the project address must be completed in the Upside Project Form (General Tab). 
  3. The minimum qualification requirement for proposers, to be in good standing with the State of Illinois at the time of proposal, has been removed from the PSC and RFP Advertisements. Rather, the proposer must be in good standing at the time of contract.
  4. Annually renewed contracts no longer require updated certification and financial disclosure forms, unless the information included on the previously submitted form has changed.
  5. PSC and CM amendment forms generated out of Upside include a section for PSC Field Directive # ________ (If applicable) at the top of the form. The form automatically inserts wording for the most common areas within the original contract that require updating. The amendment originator will revise and/or delete wording not required for the specific amendment.
  6. Interim has been removed from the comptroller’s signature line.
  7. An optional Attachment E has been created for PSC and CM contracts for phases of work that may be included at a later date through an amendment.
  8. PSA Conceptualization phase verbiage has been altered to include additional requirements.
  9. The new Partial Substantial Completion form is now available and is included in the 00 60 00 documents.
  10. The bid bonds shall be in the amount of the bidders’ base bid only. The Instruction to Bidders document 00 20 00 has been modified for clarification.

Policies and System Changes

  1. Selection committee members must sign the Procurement Participation Form, located in the PSC Selection Process (PSP). The QBS, RFP and EPC policies, and chairman checklists have been updated to include the requirement.
  2. The Change Order and Amendment policy includes the use of PSC Design Field Directives (construction only). PRZM has been revised to generate and route Field Directives for approval, and the workflow for this new process is included in the policy.

For questions, please contact Chris Rogan.