University of Illinois System

UI Capital Updates - Internal - January 2018

Posted on 02/01/2018

Changes to Upside Contract Documents and Policy

The following changes have been incorporated into the University of Illinois documents as a result of Public Act 0391 and other University initiatives: 

  1. The diversity goals requirement, for projects less than $250K, has been removed but bidders are still encouraged to use diverse firms in performing the work.
  2. “Goal credit” has been renamed to “diversity compliance”.
  3. Changes to the Bid Form 00 40 00 Attachment B include:
    1. The name has been changed to Minority/Women Business Enterprise Program Utilization Plan.
    2. Vendors must add additional required information such as address, phone number, scope of work or supplies to be provided, and proposed subcontract values to date.
    3. A statement has been added to include that if diversity goals are not met, the bidder automatically requests to cure goal deficiencies.
    4. Failure to submit 00 40 00 Attachment B and GFE documentation (if goal is not met) with bid submittal is a MATERIAL DEFICIENCY and will result in the rejection of the bid submittal.
  4. Ten (10) day cure period (if needed) begins upon date of Owner notification (not bid opening date) and an updated Bid Form 00 40 00 Attachment B and an updated Good Faith Effort (GFE) documentation, if goal is not met, shall be submitted by the end of the 10 day cure period.
  5. The insurance limit for Workers’ Compensation Employers Liability Part B has been raised to $1m per occurrence.
  6. Construction Manager verbiage will be added to a standard PSA if a CM selection is made on the project form in Upside.
  7. In the Bid Tab Workbook, the Material Deficiency tab worksheet was edited in column 5 and a new column 10 has been added to reflect the required diversity documentation at the time of bid submittal.
  8. The Diversity Policy has been updated to incorporate items above, as applicable.
  9. The AFS R&R Policy has been updated to reflect the current approval process and the new Attachment A for 2017 calculations.
  10. The Scope Fee Policy has been updated to identify overhead audits shall use Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR) Part 31 to determine allowable and unallowable expenses for overhead rates.

If you have specific utilization plan, GFE, or diversity questions, please contact Dale Morrison.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rogan.