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Capital Updates - February 2015

Posted on 02/01/2015

UI CAPITAL UPDATES - February 2015

Over the last several months, we have gathered and compiled suggestions from our Campus Construction Units to streamline the processes in the PRZM system. Yesterday, February 19, 2015, we implemented several changes and we are confident you will find the enhancements beneficial. The new functionality will help PRZM work more efficiently and effectively for you. Following is a list of those changes and a brief description of each.

Document Management
When you submit documents (e.g., drawings, images, schedules) within Document Management, you can give others permission to view those documents by selecting Readers. After the documents have been submitted, the UI Project Manager is the only one who can change the readers.

Document History
You can view the Time Stamp, Approver, Decision, and Comments by clicking the Document History link within the:
   1. Request for Information (RFI).
   2. Field Directive (FD) Response.
   3. Schedule of Work Completed (SWC)
   4. Approval List.
   5. Payment Application.
   6. Request for Proposal (RFP) Response.
   7. Change Order (CO).

Excel Export Functionality
You can export information into an Excel workbook by clicking the Export icon within the:
   1. Agreement Worksheets.
   2. Request for Information (RFI).
   3. Architect Supplemental Instructions (ASI) and ASI Response.
   4. Field Directive (FD) and FD Response.
   5. Emergency Work Authorization (EWA) and EWA Response.
   6. Request for Proposal and RFP Response.
   7. Change Order (CO); Pending and Approved.
   8. Punch List.

Punch List Views
You will see two additional views within the Submittals/Closeout.
   1. Punch List by Contractor.
   2. Punch List – Pending Only.

If you are involved in the approval process, you can Attach files to the:
   1. Payment Application.
   2. Change Order.
   3. Punch List.
   4. SWC Approval List.

Event Notices
If a document needs to be reviewed by the vendor, all team members working for that vendor in that project will receive an Event Notice. For example, when a document requires a review by Division 1, all team members within Division 1 for that project will receive an Event Notice.

Request for Information Subject 
Within the Request for Information (RFI), a Subject field has been added and is required. A brief description or title must be entered into this field, which will help you find the RFI from the listing view.

UI Project Manager
If a Payment Application or Change Order is rejected by the Financial Manager, you can send it back to the Contractor for correction and resubmission.
When an RFP is approved, you will receive an event notice that the associated Change Order is created and ready for your review.

Training & Development
If you need help with PRZM, please go to the UOCP&RES website and access the job aids, reference guide, and web-based training. To access these training resources: 
   1. Navigate to
   2. Click Training on the menu-bar.
   3. Select the PRZM option.
   4. Select the Job Aids, Reference Guides, and Web-Based Training.

Contact Information
If you need assistance with the process, please contact your UI Project Manager.  If you need assistance with the system, please contact the AITS Service Desk.
   - UIC: 312-996-4806
   - UIS and UIUC: 217-333-3102