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Kahua Implementation Project Updates

The months ahead are packed with big plans and we are grateful for your continued involvement in the essential testing and training phases that will contribute to the success of this initiative.

Here is the latest update on our progress.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) - We conducted UAT on January 9 - 11 and completed a second round January 23 - 25 with our vendor. We’ve been pleased with the turnouts for these sessions and the ability to test projects and work through access issues and other concerns on the spot. UAT will help us be more prepared to begin the pilot late February / early March.

Kahua Customer Advisory Group (CAG) - We kicked off the CAG in early January and look forward to meeting with this group monthly. CAG members will help drive the agenda for these meetings and can use this time to address concerns and discuss all things Kahua candidly. Representatives from Capital Programs, Subject Matter Experts, AITS and Operations Change Management will be on hand.

Pilot Kickoff and Training - We will soon be communicating pilot information to capital users and vendors. We are committed to providing comprehensive training, job aids, and resources to help you quickly adapt to and benefit from this improved system. We plan to kick the pilot off in February.

Your dedication is the driving force behind our progress, and we truly appreciate the commitment each of you brings to the table. Together, let's make Kahua a resounding success in the journey ahead!

We are pleased to share the progress we've made on the Kahua Implementation Project and provide you with this update. Thank you for your continued commitment to this effort as we collaborate to modernize our operations and enhance project management at the University of Illinois System.

We are working closely with our implementation partner to deliver the best product for the University of Illinois System and our vendors. Design sessions are progressing, focusing on cost applications to facilitate project budget creation and tracking, contract documentation, and the payment application process. This ensures that specific needs are considered and adapted to our liking and is a crucial step in familiarizing our team with the system's look and feel.

Here are some other exciting things to look forward to:

  • Kahua Customer Advisory Group
    Thank you to those who completed the Kahua Implementation Community Survey. Your input is invaluable, and we plan to address your feedback by establishing a Kahua Customer Advisory Group in December.
  • Kahua News Updates
    We hope you find this dedicated space on the Capital Programs website easy to access and useful for providing timelines, updates, resources, and more about the Kahua implementation project.
  • Training
    Training opportunities will soon be available. Take the chance to familiarize yourself with Kahua by exploring their website.

We have made significant progress with our implementation partner and will soon start sharing initial training opportunities to provide a general understanding of the first few applications that will be available in Kahua. This is an essential step in familiarizing you with the system's look and feel.

The design and configuration phase for Kahua is still ongoing. Keep in mind that in this phase, system design and configuration are the priority. We will customize as necessary to fulfill university requirements. We are committed to ensuring that both University of Illinois and vendor specific needs are considered and adapted to our liking and will engage in ongoing customization efforts to help us maximize the benefits of the system after go-live.

Kahua Job Aids

For a list and access to the Kahua training guides/job aids please refer to the UOCPres Training webpage.

Project Overview

Capital Programs elected Kahua as our new Project Management tool. The Kahua implementation initiative represents a significant step forward in enhancing our project management capabilities, benefiting both our Capital Construction Units’ staff and our valued vendors.

We are committed to achieving greater efficiency, consistency, and tracking through the use of Kahua, a comprehensive project management tool designed to streamline our operations and align with industry standards. We are making every effort to reduce duplication of effort and modernize the solution by tracking projects within a single application allowing us to manage Capital Programs projects from start to finish.

Project Timeline

Kahua project timeline. The project began with planning and release 1 in May and June 2023. Release 2 occurred in fall 2023, and release 3 is starting January 2024. This phase will prepare for pilot testing and training for end users, pilot vendors, and admins.

Goals and Objectives

Streamlined Project Management

Kahua lessens the need for offline spreadsheets, trackers, and checklists, resulting in significant time savings and reduced duplication of effort. This modernized solution allows us to work more efficiently.

Enhanced Consistency

By providing a standardized platform for project management, we ensure greater consistency in how projects are managed. This reduces errors and improves the overall quality of our work.

User-Friendly Interface

Kahua is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. We are committed to providing comprehensive training, job aids, and resources to help you quickly adapt to and benefit from this improved system.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

The integrated dashboards and reporting capabilities in Kahua empower us to make data-driven decisions. This leads to more informed and strategic project management, helping us achieve better outcomes.