University of Illinois System

University of Illinois transitioning to the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG) System for Statutory Certifications and Financial Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Forms

Posted on 12/22/2021

At the end of January, 2022 the University of Illinois is transitioning to the use of the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG) system for providing both Statutory Certifications and Financial Disclosure forms instead of filling out the forms currently used by the University of Illinois and were found on the UOCP website. In future, UOCP website will forward vendors to the IPG website and forms for providing Certifications and Financial Disclosures. This communication is giving you advance notice that solicitations for work will include language to submit either an IPG Form A (if your company is not approved in IPG) or IPG Form B (if your company is approved in IPG). Non-approved IPG vendors will be required to submit the IPG Form A (13-page template that is similar to the University of Illinois current Certifications and Financial Disclosure forms) instead of IPG Form B (2-page template if you are approved with IPG) with their bid/response. This IPG approval is good for 1 calendar year which means you would not need to complete the certifications or financial disclosure forms for each solicitation. Rather, you would just fill out the 2-page IPG Form B for each bid/solicitation. If you are not approved in IPG, you will need to fill out the IPG Form A which includes all Statutory Certifications and Financial Disclosure questions for each bid/solicitation.

The IPG system is a streamlined, online process that allows those doing business with the state of Illinois (including contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, consultants, construction managers, ESCO’s, etc.) to enter, organize, and submit information, certification and disclosure documents online, in advance of a particular procurement. We encourage all those that do business with the University of Illinois to register in the IPG system located at in advance of the end of January, 2022 transition.

Vendors that would like to use the IPG registration number with a bid/solicitation must register, and receive a registration number, prior to submitting a bid/proposal. This number must be placed on the bid/offer form. Please allow adequate time for the review and processing of the documents submitted online. Registration in the IPG and use of the IPG Form B is optional. Vendors may continue to submit bids and proposals using the longer IPG Form A. Registration into the IPG does, however, result in:

  1. A reduction in paper forms required with each bid/offer.
  2. Reduced time to review each bid or offer.
  3. An online directory of vendors.

The following links are available to you to understand how to register with IPG and what the IPG Forms A and B look like. First Time Application Help - CPO (, Form A (to be used by Vendors who are not registered in the Illinois Procurement Gateway), Form B (to be used by Vendors who are registered in the Illinois Procurement Gateway).

Illinois Procurement Bulletin use of National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) Codes

Beginning Saturday, July 31, 2021, the Illinois Procurement Bulletin was enhanced and updated to move from in-house Categories/Keywords to NIGP codes for bids/solicitations that could possibly match your user profile codes. All vendors registered with the Illinois Procurement Bulletin Public Higher Education Bulletin ( should have received a series of emails alerting you to login to your profile to update your email notifications to NIGP codes. Vendors that did not update their email notification to NIGP codes will not receive emails regarding new Illinois Procurement Bulletin bids/solicitations.

The University encourages you to update your profile if you are registered or register for the first time in the Illinois Procurement Bulletin system to your companies affiliated NIGP codes. To try to capture all of our vendor community in future bids/solicitations, The University of Illinois will be using the following listed NIGP codes for each construction and professional services solicitation that you should consider including in your profile to ensure you are notified about potential work in your expertise.

For Construction Bidding

Keyword NIGP Code
Construction-New Buildings 909
Construction-Remodeling 910
Construction - remodeling & additions 911
Construction - site work 912
Construction - Utility work 913
Construction Services, Trades, New Construction 914
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning 31
Plumbing Equipment, Fixtures, and Supplies 670
Electrical Equipment and Supplies, except cable and wire 285
Fire Protection 936

Professional Services

Keyword NIGP Code
Architect/Landscape Architect 305
Architectural Services, Professional 906
Architectural and Engineering Services, Non-Professional 907
Construction and Utilities, Higher Education 911
Construction Management 958-26
Consultant--Management 918
Construction Consulting 918-31
Engineer 925