University of Illinois System

UI Capital Updates - January 2020

Posted on 01/29/2020

Changes to Documents, Systems, and Policies

The following changes have been made as a result of University of Illinois System initiatives: 

Upside Document Changes

  1. Language has been added to Section B and Section G of the PSC / RFP Advertisements to use the CDB SF 255 Form (Higher Ed). For CDB projects, the Advertisement states to use the non-university CDB SF 255 Form.
  2. Article A.7.A.5 of the Professional Services Agreement has updated wording to read “Based on the schematic design documents…” from “Based on the construction documents…”
  3. Updated following items within Upside Input Worksheet:
    1. General Info Tab: Unlocked worksheet to allow Project Number and Project Title to be entered.
    2. Professional Services Consultant Tab: Adjusted Columns D, E, F & G. (Vertical gap between the rows with links). Changed negotiated fixed fee default to 5%.
    3. Construction Manager Tab: Renamed note as well as content, Line 89 – Corrected diversity and veteran % and formulas. Added new last line (row 108) to add (A+B=).
    4. ESCO Tab: CMS column color is darker blue to indicate Dropdown. (Lines 31-49), Corrected diversity and veteran % and formulas. Added new last line (row 105) to add (A+B=).
    5. Bidding Tab: Corrected row spacing in Section 2.
    6. Reference Tab: Drop Down Choices Tab – Added onsite Observation – Units to upper left-hand.
  4. Added question in the Project form, when inputting front end information, to distinguish that a project is a rebid by creating what is referred to as a “new set name”. This will allow system to automatically carry over the new set name to frontend and bid advertisement documents when it is selected.
  5. Added more space to input formal date on top of contract template (NOIA, NOA, NTP, NOA/NTP). Example: September 19, 2019, instead of 09/19/2019.
  6. Updated Front End Document boilerplates language to correct typos.
  7. Implemented a question on the contract request form for PSC and CM Amendments to allow removing the last paragraph clause that states “…and that the circumstances necessitating this amendment were not reasonably foreseeable at the time the Agreement was signed.” This will allow removal of the clause if the scope of the work was foreseeable.
  8. Article A of the Professional Services Agreement has been updated to change “phases” to “phase(s)” in case there is only one phase.
  9. Changed address and email for CPO / Protest Review Office on Construction Advertisements, RFP Advertisements, and QBS Advertisements.

PRZM Changes

  1. Added the ability to retract submitted or approved items in PRZM, by the person who submitted or approved the item, for RFP, FD and SWC approvals.
  2. Project Scroll in dashboard view now encompasses six additional rows of projects when scrolling.
  3. Menus tabs within PRZM will now be highlighted when you are working within that Menu tab.
  4. The ability to access a project dropdown menu while in a different project has been implemented to avoid the need for the user to go back to PRZM dashboard every time they would like to switch between projects.
  5. Showing details of multiple payment applications simultaneously has been implemented for payment application reviews in PRZM.
  6. Included the following improvements within the PRZM FD and RFP Comparison Report.
    1. Included column displaying a “brief description” of each RFP.
    2. The PDF printout now includes the last column of the report from PRZM and includes 11”x17” as a standard sheet size to prevent cutting off right hand columns of the report.
    3. Headers and sheet numbers are now included on all pages of the PDF printout for the report.
  7. Added language to the PRZM Vendor SVS Approvals Screen that helps remind the vendor to resubmit SVS after resolving items associated with identifying SVS as “approved with conditions”.
  8. Added the ability to add attachments directly to assigned subcontractor pay applications in addition to the contractor with assigned pay application.
  9. Added the ability for Financial Managers to generate reports for change orders and payments by encumbrance number and the ability to export them to Excel.

FCPWeb Changes

  1. Added the ability to input a project category into the building field if no building is associated with a project. Available input values other than a building number are; New, Multiple, Feasibility Study, Steam, Electrical, Pavement, Lighting, Chilled Water, Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer, Natural Gas, Water, Other Utility.
  2. A new screen has been created to reduce the number of clicks necessary for the Project Manager to change the Status of a project.
  3. When inputting dates into the schedule page, use “Set Date Using Calendar” on the top right of the page if entering dates with a calendar drop down function is desired.
  4. The Conceptualization Phase was added to the project schedule milestone list to be more synchronous with PRZM.
  5. Added the heading named “In-House/JOC/Contractor Services” within “anticipated delivery method” field.
  6. Updated titles for “Category Total” cells on the Project Financials screen to more accurately identify category total (i.e. Construction Total, FF&E Total, Owner’s Cost Total, and Professional Services Total). Also added a Funds Available for Construction (FAC) line item on the Project Financials screen.
  7. The Financial Managers can now enter the source CFOP for funding in a dedicated field that can be queried against in dedicated fields.
  8. Financial Managers now have the ability to select University of Illinois with a single click on the Create Contract screen. The system will populate the Vendor and Address specified to be used as a default by each University. The default address appears on the Contract Details screen once the contract is saved.
  9. Added ability to select FY2021 to FY2030 within the Fund Source Subtype field for all Fund Source Types identified as Deferred Maintenance AFMFA, AFS R&R and Bond Proceeds.

VSA-CAPS Changes

  1. Updated paragraph in CAPS section 8.2 Similar Recent Contracts to read: Please provide the following information for at least 10 similar contracts completed within the last five years from different owners/contact names so that 10 different reference calls can be made. Uncheck the “No info” check box for all projects you wish to provide data. Additional data entry fields can be obtained using the “Save & Add More Projects” button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Added URLs for Certs & Disclosures to section 9.4 of the electronic Prequal Form.

Policies and Website Changes

  1. “nameconvention.pdf” on the UOCPRES website has been updated to include direction for adding suffixes for multiple project Bid Packages and RFP Solicitations, Renewals, Contract Renewal Certification of No Change form, SPO Renewal Evaluation Questionnaire, etc...
  2. The Selection Committee Chairperson now has the ability within PSP to prepopulate the Procurement Participation Form, send to non-selection committee person (non-voting participant) for review and signature and attach their form to PSP.
  3. PSP now has ability within the Projects Information form to add attachments.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rogan.