University of Illinois System

Capital Updates - July 2016

Posted on 07/08/2016



Following is a synopsis of the significant changes that have been made to the Contract Documents, Upside, and Policies.

Contract Documents

  1. Addenda must be issued at least 72 hours prior to bid opening to incorporate Code requirements (PSA regular, retainer).
  2. Added the following:
    • PSC requirement to attend pre-bid conference and bid openings (PSA regular, retainer).
    • PSC requirements to perform or receive verification of the inspection of the work and attend and participate in all progress pay meetings (PSA regular, retainer).
    • PSC requirements to supply as-builts within 30 calendar days past substantial completion and record drawings 30 days past reciept of as-builts. Also, PSC to provide one month and one week walk throughs prior to benificial occupancy, if applicable and substantial completion (PSA regular, retainer).
    • PSC will complete the high-level information and Contractors will complete the component level information on the FF&E Inventory Form (FIF). This will include furniture, A/V and moveable equipment (PSA regular, retainer, 00 70 00).
    • PSC to provide updated presentation materials at the construction document phase (PSA regular, retainer).
    • References to e-Builder, along with PRZM, and included language to have project-related submittals included in either system (PSA regular, retainer, short form, CM, PM retainer, 00 50 00, construction ad, QBS ad, RFP ad, EPC RFP, ESA).
    • PSC to provide written responses to Owner’s comments (PSA retainer).
    • Compliance with 30 ILCS 500/15/25(a) which incorporates Code requirement for encouraging the hiring of veterans, minorities, women, persons with disabilities and residents discharged from adult correctional centers (construction ad, EPC RFP).
  3. Defined Actual Hourly Rate for PSC as * Actual Hourly Rates refers to the rates listed in the Attachment B at the time of signing this Agreement and Actual Hourly Rates cannot be adjusted during the life of the Agreement (PSA regular, retainer, short form, CM, PM retainer).
  4. To allow reconciliation of CMS BEP proof within the 10 day cure period, the language now states should provide proof in their bid, but not required anymore and not a material deficiency in rejecting the bid. If proof is not provided, CCU staff will need to look up the vendors certification in the CMS BEP website. If vendors certify within the 10 day cure time, that will be counted toward the BEP goals (00 10 00, 00 20 00, 00 40 00, construction ad).
  5. Changed the following:
    • CMS BEP URL to B2G system and removed CMS training link (00 10 00, 00 20 00, 00 40 00, construction ad, QBS ad, RFP ad, EAA).
    • As-Built to Record drawings in section 7 (ESA).
  6. Removed the following:
    • Requirement to mark checkbox on Bid Form Attachment B for requesting a change in specified goal or waiver of specified goal. Cure Period and Good Faith Effort terms are defined and are identified to run concurrently during the 10 calendar days (00 20 00, 00 40 00).
    • Material deficiency for not providing proof of CMS BEP certification (00 20 00, construction ad, Bid opening workbook).
    • Reference of Office of Procurement Diversity for assistance with diversity issues in one place since it is already covered in the document (00 40 00).
    • Signature block on Bid Form Attachment B (00 40 00).
  7. Combined all documents needed for pre-bid package into Upside, updated changes above into the document, as applicable, and added new CMS website sample Pre-bid meeting package.

Upside Project Form

Added the following:

  1. Section to Upside Project Form Bid tab to identify if one or more DOW have been incorporated into another DOW for bidding which is now allowed when a DOW PSC estimate ID’s bid value to be < small purchase threshold.
  2. Note to the 00 10 00 and 00 40 00 documents to identify which DOW have been incorporated into another DOW and will not be bid separately.

Upside Input Worksheet

  1. Included a question to the Bid tab asking if one or more DOW have been combined into another DOW and identify all.
  2. Added the following to the Professional Services tab:
    1. NOTE: For each HOURLY RATE a unique Position Title/Function must be provided.
    2. PSC to generate request and attach IDOT letter or independent audit within VSA if OH&B rate exceeds 1.30.


  1. Retainer Policy – Updated to include and the University of Illinois RFP Consultant Selection Policy as an additional means of soliciting PSC Retainer services. Changed reporting on Retainer information located in EDW from prescribed intervals to an as-needed basis.
  2. Furniture Purchase process – Provided more clarity on duties of the PSC, Contractor, and CCU staff when contractor buys and installs furniture (A/V and other moveable equipment – newly added). Revised the FIF to clearly ID contents needed to be filled in and clarified PSC and Contractor responsibilities. Also, documentation is to include items at a component level not at an assembled level (PSA regular, retainer, 00 70 00).
  3. AFS R&R Policy - Attachment A has been updated to reflect latest $ and % used by Accounting in managing this program.

For questions regarding these changes, please contact Chris Rogan.