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January 2024 Newsletter

Posted on 02/09/2024

Kahua Update

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) - We conducted UAT on January 9 - 11 and January 23 - 25 with our vendor. We were pleased with the turnouts for these sessions and the ability to test projects and work through access issues and other concerns on the spot. UAT will help us be more prepared to begin the pilot late February / early March.
  • Kahua Customer Advisory Group (CAG) – We kicked off the CAG in early January and look forward to meeting with this group monthly. CAG members will help drive the agenda for these meetings and can use this time to address concerns and discuss all things Kahua candidly. Representatives from Capital Programs, Subject Matter Experts, AITS and Operations Change Management will be on hand.
  • Pilot Kickoff and Training - We will soon be communicating pilot information to capital users and vendors. We are committed to providing comprehensive training, job aids, and resources to help you quickly adapt to and benefit from this improved system. We plan to kick the pilot off in February.

Cycle 24.1 January Systems Updates

AITS/UOCP’s semi-annual updates to systems (Contracts+, PRZM, FCPWeb, VSA-CAPS, PSP and Policies and Process) were updated and live 1/25/24 end of day. The communication letter identifying the updates made was sent on 1/26/24 and can be found at the following link on UOCP’s website Announcements:

University’s CCU can expect a request for input regarding their requested system improvements for July 2024, in early March.


  • FY25 Retainer Renewals and JOCs Renewals must be fully executed by June 30, 2024, or vendor contract will end for that procurement and will not be able to be renewed. As in years past, UOCP is suggesting that all required posting information for renewals be received by UOCP no later than end of March to provide the best chance of fully executing renewals. For reference regarding Retainers and renewal process, please review the Retainer Agreement Policy on the UOCP website:
  • UOCP has agreed to share the Retainer Diversity Utilization reports with the CPO and SPO at the end of each FY Quarter. If you have not submitted a report for FY24 Quarter 1 or 2, please do so now.

Coffee table book featuring Capital projects across the University of Illinois System

The University of Illinois System office has compiled a decade’s worth of Capital projects from UIUC, UIC, and UIS. A capital initiative launched in 2018 fueled “more than 500 projects valued at $4 billion over 10 years”. A small handful of these projects are featured in this coffee table book, ‘Building Momentum’, of renovation and new construction projects for teaching and research facilities, facilities that support student life, healthcare, innovation, and athletics.

Building Momentum book cover

All this would not be possible without the help and support of the Universities and the Architects who contributed project details and images featured here. But more importantly, appreciation goes to all the staff members who worked on delivering these projects on time, on budget, to fulfill the program needs of the so many units on each university campus.

In January 2024, the Board of Trustees released the distribution of this book through the University of Illinois Press and Amazon.

A copy is available here for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Amazon Link to purchase

University Press Link to purchase

Art in Architecture – Policy and Artwork

A little more than thirteen (13) years ago, in January 2011, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees established an Art-in-Architecture (A-i-A) policy for all University Capital projects, System-wide, requiring BOT approval. The Capital Development Board (CDB) instituted the policy in 1979, after the State requirement was established in 1977, Public Act 80-241. Today, we want to showcase some of the artwork solicited, procured, and installed over the years. As intended by the Board of Trustees, each installation “is a vital expression of the University community symbolic of shared values and vitality and a source of student pride”, “art in University buildings provide an identity and significant benefit to the members of the University community as well as visitors to the University”, “has the ability to transform and to improve the reputation of a building or area of the University”, but more importantly, “art significantly contributes to the University’s sense of a place and educational mission.”

We Live, We Learn, We Overcome  


‘We Live, We Learn, We Overcome’
By Damon Lamar Reed

Structural Mechanics  

Medical Science Building

‘Structural Mechanics’
By Ted Metz


Hydro Engineering Building

By Barbara Cooper

Windy City  

Hydro Engineering Building

‘Windy City’
By Mukaila Ayoade


Turner Hall

By Tom Stancliffe


Mechanical Engineering Building

By Pete Beeman


Computer Design, Research, and Learning Center

by Edra Soto & Daniel Sullivan

Irreversible Progress of Entropy – 2nd Law of Thermodynamics  

Engineering Innovation Building

‘Irreversible Progress of Entropy – 2nd Law of Thermodynamics’
By Christine Tarkowsk

If Everything Lasts Forever  

Simulation and Integrative Learning Space @ Mile Square Health Center

‘If Everything Lasts Forever’
By Pooja Pittie

Obstruction, Reflection, Transition  

Student Union Building

‘Obstruction, Reflection, Transition’
By Lisa Williamson

A Convenient Fiction  

Student Union Building

‘A Convenient Fiction’
By Sanford Biggers



BOT Art-in-Architecture (A-i-A) Resolution

Policies and Laws

Procedure for University Art in Architecture Policy