University of Illinois System

UI Capital Updates - January 2021

Posted on 01/29/2021

Changes to Documents, Systems, and Policies

The following changes have been made as a result of University of Illinois System initiatives: 

Upside Document Changes

  1. Updated language/clauses throughout Front End documents (001000M, 001000S, 004000M, 004000S, 005000M, 005000S, 007000) and Contracts to populate if/when Liquidated Damages are selected to be included for a project.
  2. Updated both the Request for Professional Services Qualifications advertisement and the Request for Professional Services Qualifications advertisement for CDB Projects Only, per the following:
  1. Added the following text for Item B): “Electronic format shall be in the form of a collated pdf with electronic bookmarks only at each section divider.”
  2. Updated the following text for Item C)3.: Officially recognized timestamped submittal date will be the electronic copy of the packet, organized and with electronic bookmarks as indicated above…..”.
  3. Added the following text for Item F): “Per the University’s Qualifications Based Selection Policy, each selection committee member will be providing a maximum of 10 total points for criteria 1 and 2 added together.  The remaining criteria can receive a maximum of 10 points each.”
  4. Reordered previous Item F)4. regarding MBE/WBE/PBE participation, to now be Item F)1.  Also reordered previous Item F)5. Regarding VOSB/SDVOSB participation, to now be Item F)2.  Order of these items in Advertisements should now match order of these items in initial evaluation within PSP.
  1. Added language within the Request for Proposal boilerplate Item “Submission and Opening of Qualification Statement:” to clarify required hardcopy submission date and time stamp to be prior to proposal deadline.
  2. Updated Front End section 00 10 00 M and section 00 10 00 S, per the following:
  1. Added placeholder in Item 2.6 to enter post Prebid Conference - Site Visit information to be added by the Universities on the Project Form.  Removed previous language stating a Site Visit may proceed immediately after the conclusion of the Prebid Conference.
  1. Updated Front End section 00 20 00, per the following:
  1. Updated text at end of Item 4.6, regarding Actions Affecting Prequalification, for terminology used to better align with CAPS terminology.   Changed “debarment of a Bidder” to now read “rescind the Bidder”.
  1. Updated Invitation for Construction Bid document per the following:
  1. Added text and placeholder in third paragraph to identify PM contact information for bidders to obtain additional information about a project.
  2. Added following sentence at end of Prequalification Item: A bidder that has prior experience with the University of Illinois must achieve a minimum average score of 3 on their performance evaluations over the last three years unless otherwise authorized by the Owner.
  1. Updated Notice of Exercise of Option document for Retainer Agreement renewals, regarding the previous requirement of Vendors to provide annual renewal of certifications and financial disclosures documentation.  Text has been updated and now reads:  By executing this Notice of Exercise of Option, Vendor acknowledges and agrees that it is in compliance with the requirements of Article 50 of the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500/50) as agreed upon in the original Agreement.  These requirements remain in effect for the term of the Agreement and any remaining renewals and are a material requirement and condition of the Agreement.  By executing this Notice of Exercise of Option, Vendor certifies compliance, and is under a continuing obligation to remain in compliance and to immediately report any non-compliance.
  2. Updated the Field Character Limit in Upside for “Front End Documents- PreBid Conference” field from 500 to 3,000 characters.

PRZM Changes

  1. Updated FD and RFP Comparison Report within Construction Phase of PRZM project to export negative numbers as actual formatted number values in each cell rather than cells formatted as text only.
  2. Added standard line items in CSV to be automatically populated for each contractor’s CSV.  Added the following line items: Submittals/Shop Drawings, Closeout Documents/Training, Daily Clean-up, Safety and SVS Final Waivers, Contractor Final Lien & Affidavit.
  3. Removed PSC billing restriction when a PSP is submitted by the PSC, for all subconsultants to allow billing as long as subconsultant with a pending SVS status is not part of current PSC billing.
  4. Added ability for PRZM to create a report per project that identifies unresolved punch list items that have not resolved after 60 days from the Substantial Completion date.
  5. Added two sections within the RFP: P&A Selection & Administration tab which include P&A Technical Response and P&A Pricing for Electronic Submittal of Proposals.  The submitted P&A Pricing section will be locked from viewing until the committee chair unlocks all pricing after ranking the best qualified proposers after the discussion meetings.  The P&A Pricing section can only be viewed by the chair of the selection committee within PRZM.
  6. Added new Change Order classification titled “Liquidated Damages”.

FCPWeb Changes

  1. Enhanced the Project Closeout functionality in FCPWeb so that it functions similar to the Project Approval functionality.  Details can be found in the attached document.
  2. Increased the field character limit view for the “Received Amount” column on both the Project Funding screen and the PDS screen.  The Amount field and the Received Amount field will both now accept and display numbers up to 14 digits on both screens.
  3. Added the classification of “Post Bid Revision” to the Reason drop down list on the Project Versions screen.
  4. Added a “Request Assistance” link in the FCPWeb screen footer.  The link references the same Web Form to create a Service Desk ticket that is used in PRZM.
  5. Added new Change Order classification titled “Liquidated Damages”.
  6. Added a Project Category titled “Survey” to the Project Category list.  When chosen as a Project Category the Location Category field will be defaulted to “Survey” and the Building field will be automatically populated with “Survey”.
  7. The structure of the View that is used to populate Funding data from FCPWeb in the EDW will be adjusted to include the Fund Source Fund Code, the Find Source Org Code, and the Fund Source Program Code fields.  This will allow Decision Support to make the changes necessary to populate those data fields in the EDW.


VSA-CAPS Changes

  1. Modified the contractor and subcontractor evaluation functionality in VSA to make the evaluation form a web-based entry rather than an attached evaluation document based entry.  Included a new category of “Advisory” evaluations that are used for Project Team members to provide input to the Project Manager. A button that links to the contractor evaluations has been included on bottom of CAPS page with other existing buttons to allow easy access to contractor evaluation during the prequalification review.
  2. Added the ability to enter the Project Number for Retainer Evaluations within VSA evaluations.
  3. Added functionality for the System to retain notes in audit trail for “Return” and “Reject” workflow regarding reviews for Contractor Prequalification.
  4. Updated language for section 8.2 of CAPS.  Added conditional instructions for all Divisions other than Division 1 to request at least 5 similar contracts completed within the last five years.  Division 1 instructions have not changed and will ask for at least 10 similar contracts completed within the last five years.
  5. Added a new “Lessons Learned Comments” box to document any lessons learned that will be retained in the evaluation for both University and Contractor viewing.
  6. Adjusted existing sorting orders on all Prequalification Reports and list screens created to be consistent and sort based on date order.

Policies,  Website and other Changes 

  1. Added the ability, for a Selection Committee Chair within PSP, to remove a committee member.  Selection Committee Chair will still need to obtain approval to add committee members from Mike Bass.
  2. Updated language within PSP to denote calculations and input from the selection chair regarding RFP Consultant Selection Policy – “Diverse Business Initial Selection Points” Table 1 and Table 2.  Points will continue to be entered as described in Table 1 and 2 of the QBS Policy.  Calculation will multiply points entered by 10 and will also be multiplied by number of selection committee members.
  3. Added a form in PSP for PSC proposers to fill out prime and subconsultant percentages of work information (Diverse and Non-Diverse).  Intent is for helping campuses during the initial proposal review and documentation within PSP.
  4. Updated Attachment A to the AFS R&R procedure to reflect latest financial information as of June 30, 2020.
  5. Added the Project Status field to the PRZM export used to feed data to the EDW.  This will allow a report to be created to reconcile project status data contained in PRZM and FCPWeb.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rogan.