University of Illinois System

Capital Updates - May 2014

Posted on 05/01/2014



On May 15, 2014, the workflow within PRZM will be changed to improve the process for issuing Field Directives. There are two changes to the Field Directive process:

  1. The Corresponding RFP can be created while creating the originating Field Directive.
    When creating a Field Directive, the PSC or UI Project Manager must first create an RFP. With this change in workflow, the corresponding RFP can now be created or selected from within the originating Field Directive via the drop-down menu.
  2. Contractor w/Assigned Subcontractors can respond to the Field Directive on behalf of the Assigned Subcontractor.
    When the PSC or UI Project Manager creates a Field Directive, they must select the method by which contractors will respond. There are now two options:

    Option 1: The Contractor with Assigned Subcontracts can now collect pricing using the most efficient means and respond to the Field Directive on behalf of the Assigned Subcontractors while completing and submitting their own response.

    Option 2: The Contractor with Assigned Subcontracts can forward the Field Directive to the Assigned Subcontractors, review and approve all Subcontractor Field Directive Responses, and then complete their own response.

The Change Order & Amendment Policy has been updated to clarify required approvals on Field Directive and can be found on the UOCP&RES website. Click here to go directly to the University policy.

For questions, please contact Sean Reeder. 


  1. P&A Selection & Administration Phase
    Since the UI Campus Construction Units are required to use PRZM as the repository for all Professional Services Consultants’ submittals, a P&A Selection & Administration Phase has been added to the system to accommodate the RFP solicitations for the Art-in-Architecture program. The sub-menu options in this Phase include P&A Solicitation Worksheet and P&A Qualified Submittals.
  2. Select All Option
  • If other team members need to be notified of changes to a document within PRZM (e.g., RFI, RFP, ASI), when selecting the Team Members to Notify, there is now the option to Select All.
  • UI Project Managers will see this option within Document Management when selecting Readers and Team Members to Notify in a document within PRZM (e.g., Field Report, Meeting Minutes).

For questions, please contact Qu Kim.


To help you get started with PRZM, a new web-based training for Basic Navigation has been posted to the UOCP&RES website. During this self-paced tutorial, you will have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Login to the PRZM system.
  • Utilize the Dashboard.
  • Access specific projects and project phases.
  • Locate additional training resources.
  • Find support information.

Click here to go directly to the Training & Development page, select PRZM, choose Basic Navigation.

For questions, please contact Karen Deering.