University of Illinois System

UI Capital Updates - January 2019

Posted on 01/30/2019

Changes to Documents, Systems, and Policies

The following changes have been made as a result of University of Illinois System initiatives: 

Upside Document Changes

  1. Language has been added to the Front End Documents Good Faith Effort to identify that when “BEP utilization is shown as 0% or not identified on Attachment B and no GFE is included, the bidder will be deemed non-responsive and the bid will be rejected as a material condition.”  The construction bid tab spreadsheet has also been updated.
  2. Energy Services Agreement schedule G includes ESCO Maintenance services until substantial completion.
  3. Energy Services Agreement schedule W has been updated to direct ESCO to send correspondence to the Office of Procurement Diversity if a diverse vendor does not meet obligations or if scope/compensation is changed.
  4. QBS and RFP advertisements have been updated to reflect that a proposer shall be registered to practice as a Professional Design Firm with the Department of Financial and Professional Regulations “at the time of discussion meeting” rather than at the time of proposal submittal.

PRZM Changes

  1. Ability to respond to RFI's more than once has been added, which allows back-and-forth communications until resolution.
  2. Contractor Payment Application Information and Agreement Worksheet have been combined into one area.
  3. SVS approval reminder will appear in a user’s dashboard if user has opted to receive event notices.
  4. Enabled the Director Role to create the AE Solicitation Worksheet for a project and edit a project title after creation.
  5. Enabled the Director Role to set up the selection committee information in PRZM and create a link to PSP.
  6. Administrative Aide and Project Coordinator roles have been removed, and are now included in the Project Assistant role.
  7. Contract Specialist role has been inserted into the SVS approval workflow to review/resolve SVS information with the ability to add comments.
  8. Print friendly feature for the FD form has been removed, because it is routed electronically.

Policies and Website Changes

  1. QBS and RFP Policies and PSP reflect changes for Upside Item No. 4; added the wording “At time of discussion meeting.” Select “Pending” in PSP if registration is not current.
  2. Construction Bid Submittal Checklist has been updated on the UOCPRES website to reflect the latest bidding requirements.
  3. Risk Management manual has been updated with additional insurance information.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rogan.